Tantrika Skin Care

Tantrika Face Serum

Tantrika Face Serum 1 ounce bottle…. $50.00


The definition of tantrika is the sacred union of the male and female energies of love that brings
us into a state of Oneness.

It is my deepest desire to weave love and healing into all my products and services.

Tantrika Face Serum is a unique alchemy of the gem essences of rose quartz, gold and diamonds
with flower essences and potent essential oils that will nurture and nourish your skin.

The synergistic oil blend helps reduce fine lines and hydrate skin.

Each flower and gem essence has a healing quality that supports the reflection of your inner
and outer beauty.

Essence of Gold helps us to access,own and reflect our
truth, wisdom and creative power.
Essence of Rose Quartz softens and harmonizes the heart center helping
us to connect with self love.
Essence of Diamonds brings clarity to to support balanced inner and
outer seeing.

Essence of Emerald acts as a heart cleanser.

Essence of Self Heal supports cellular regeneration and energetically supports leaving our wounds in the past and opens us to what healing is available to us in the present moment.

Tantrika Face Serum is an all natural product that has a ylang ylang and rose
fragrance that is combined with essential oils that supports opening to abundance.

Tantrika Face Serum nourishes your skin and nourishes the Goddess within.

It is a healing experience in a bottle.

Apply Tantrika as a layering serum to the face or alone twice a day.


Heaven and Earth Sacred Mists

Heaven and Earth Sacred Mist Gift Set (2 -2 ounce bottles)…. $35.00
These are placed together in a gold organza bag


Tantrika Earth Sacred Mist 2 ounce bottle…. $20.00


Tantrika Heaven Sacred Mist 2 ounce bottle…. $20.00


Tantrika Sacred Mists work synergistically to create sacred space in your personal energy field, in your home or workspace.

Tantrika Earth is created with therapeutic grade mugwort and sage, the gem essences of black tourmaline and obsidian and pink yarrow flower essence to clear out negative or heavy energy.

Tantrika Heaven is created with therapeutic grade neroli, lavender and moroccan chammomile andthe gem essences of aquamarine for calming the mind, kunzite for invoking the heavenly realms. Together,these sprays work to clear energy so that your inner landscape becomes more accessible to you.

Use Tantrika Heaven and Earth Mists :

  • To relieve yourself of stress
  • When buying or selling a home
  • After an illness in the family
  • After an argument
  • Before meditation or prayer
  • Before or after session work ( for healers, bodyworkers and therapists)
  • To celebrate solstices
  • To celebrate the start or completion of the day
  • Before lovemaking~ it’s great on sheets and linens!
  • As part of a child’s bedtime ritual
  • Before a yoga practice
  • Use your imagination!!

Start with Tantrika Earth Sacred Mist to purify and clear your space of stagnant or heavy energy.

Allow the earthy magic of sacred herbs and gems to lighten and protect your energy field or that of your living or work space.

Spray on your body or in any room.  Mist all 4 corners and the center of your room.

Follow with Tantrika Heaven Sacred Mist when you are ready to move your attention inward.

Tantrika Heaven Sacred Mist is a unique blend of essential oils and gem essences that bring a sense of tranquility to an active mind.

Take the time to immerse yourself in the sacred space that you have created!


“I normally have acne prone skin so I was hesitant to use any new skin product.
I had a terrible sunburn and used it on my face that night. I woke up with my sunburn completely
gone. The rest of my body that I didn’t use Tantrika Serum on remained burned.”
Tatiana, age 17

“I was hesitant to use Tantrika Face Serum because I have an oily T zone. I’ve been exclusively using Tantrika Face Serum and my T zone has disappeared! I’m thrilled with the results.”
Brigitte, age 41

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful product you invented! My face was sunburned and hot
all day yesterday from being in the sun the day before. After applying Tantrika last night, the sunburn
is gone, and my face feels wonderful, especially my lips. Today I put it on my neck, and it softened
it and removed the dryness and wrinkles. It’s truly miraculous!”
Amy, age 76.