Homer is our new thoroughbred.
He is a bit flighty and spooks easily like many thoroughbreds off the track.
I’ve been truly enjoying working/playing with him and getting to know him.
I have done this by spending a lot of time doing groundwork with him, communicating through
body language, doing body work on him, giving him flower essences to support his system and just
spending time with him.
What I hadn’t done yet for some reason is communicate with him intuitively.
One day I was walking him on a part of the property that he had not been
on before.
This was very scary for him and he was on high alert. I had done enough
groundwork with him to know that he was beginning to trust me.
At one point he stood stock still and there was NO moving him. 

This was a pivotal moment for me. I realized that my choices were to use my body
language/voice/movements to usher him forward, make my energy bigger than his
and override his concern with confidence.
OR I could intuitively listen to him while he was feeling both nervous
and adamant about some piece of information that I was unaware of.

I chose the latter and opened my heart to him as I grounded myself.
I acknoweledged outloud that there was a good reason that he was concerned and that I
would listen to him

As I followed his gaze towards the rolling hills, I saw a horse in a field way off in the
I said to him, “thank you for letting me know that there is a horse out there.”
Immediately I heard ” No!” followed by the image of a coyote and then an image of a
question mark in my mind’s eye: Coyote?
I told him ” I don’t know if coyotes live around here but you are safe. They usually
come out during the evening. You are safe walking with me right now during daylight.”
He let out a huge exhale and walked forward without my asking him to.
We completed our calm and uneventful walk.

Being the crazy new boarder at the barn, I called the owner and told her that I knew
that I was going to sound crazy but that I was tracking how this particular horse
communicates as he was new to me.
I asked her about coyotes in the vicinity.
She let me know that a pack had recently moved in  along the property boundaries
and that new electric fencing was being put up to keep them out of the goats and pigs
that were becoming meals for them.

Since integrating intuitive animal communication into working with Homer, he now has
a sparkle in his eye when I see him and he tells me how his day was.
And I listen.


St. Francis is the patron saint of the animals. October 4th is a day that the Catholic tradition uses to bless the animals.
I love the thought and ritual of consciously blessing our animals.
It’s a way of giving thanks to our animals and bestowing them with a wish that they be protected and cared for by the Powers that Be. 

On October 4th I will be offering a free distant reiki healing as a way of offering blessings to any of your animals.
Just send me a photo of your animal along with your request to my email and I will be doing this from 10 am-10:30 am.

You can sit quietly with your animal and join me energetically in the space of healing and blessings.
You can also create your own ritual that is as short or elaborate as you want.

  • Give them a treat after holding it to your heart and asked that they be blessed as they eat it.
  • Touch their head and ask that pure love and light move through them blessing and healing them.
  • Leave water out in the sunshine or moonlight with a beautiful flower in it and/or an essential oil that you like.
  • Use the water to anoint their forehead, heart and paws with intention that they be blessed



I had the sweetest experience during one of my recent readings.
I was asked to check in with 2 dogs during a distance phone session. As I tuned into them, I felt something was running interference on my ability to connect with them.
I sensed a benevolent, loving yet protective presence that was protecting their home. I had to acknowledge and go through this Being in order for me to connect with the dogs.
I felt it had the archetypal energy of a Rimpoche or Buddhist Holy Man. Once I connected with him with reverence and respect, I was able to do the reading with the dogs without any effort. 

When I let the dogs’ person know about the incident, she confirmed that she had done a clearing on her home the day before and asked her beloved Rimpoche that had passed on to protect her home. It was such a validating experience for both of us- for her that her house clearing had worked and that her home was being both blessed and protected and for me that there really was an energy that I was not making up that was running interference on my ability to connect with the dogs.

I started thinking that if I could pick up on the energetic protection of the house, just  think of what happens when we ask the Universe for our wishes, our desires, our prayers and intentions .
Our requests light up for the Universe and the Universe sees every request, every time.
This happens first in the unseen realms and then becomes manifest in the material realm.
Sometimes we only value things when we have concrete proof of them in our life experience. The time that our intentions are invisible yet becoming real-ized in our lives is equally real.
They may not be here yet in the form of money in the bank, the right lover,health or a fulfilling livelihood but our character develops so that we can receive it and be ready for it when it does show up.

Having this experience brought me deep peace.
The Universe has our back and that is all I need to know.

As always, love to all




In sharing these thoughts I had the gift of collaborating with my animal family to create a unique meditation.
We are calling this meditation Using your Animal as a Gateway to Unconditional Love.
You can sign up HERE if you want to sign up for the Meditation.
It’s on September 9th from 7pm-8pm , is $20 and you can call in from the comfort of your home to do the meditation in your jammies (and so can I!).

One of the sweetest things we love about our animals is the way they love us unconditionally.
It doesn’t matter if we have dragon breath, got a promotion, lost a job, been rejected by a lover, are overdrawn in our  bank accounts or have 7 digit balance.
They don’t care because they don’t see the world through the eyes of ego- of worldly accomplishments, performance and external acknowledgment.
They see YOU. The you of all of your spiritual quests and the you that is right here, right now .
They see your Soul Light, your Inner Being, your Essence.
That’s why we feel better when we spend time with them. When we are with them, we are reminded of the pure Love that we all are at our core.
They love us and accept us unconditionally.
Their ability to focus on us through the eyes of love brings us healing. How? Because when we are unconditionally accepted we feel whole.
There is not one part of us that feels inferior or left out.
The fact that they can see our wholeness even though we might not feel enlightened or perfect reassures us that our Light is with us at all times and that the whole of our lives is perfect-even the messiness.
Every time they look at us through the eyes of love, we are blessed with reminder of how Spirit sees us.

This lead me  me to ask the question:
Wouldn’t it be amazing if for just a short period of time, we could see ourselves through their eyes?

This inspired me to create a meditation on using our animals as a gateway to experience unconditional love.
Of course to create it I had to open myself up to my own animal loves which was pure joy to collaborate with them on.

I’ll be offering this meditation as teleclass on  Monday, September 9th at 7pm.
Upon registering you will receive a call in link that is unique to you.
Here is the link to register
I hope you can make it.

As always, love to all





The Summer Romance special is continuing through the month of August: a 1/2 hour session for one animal for $45.
You can sign up HERE if you want to schedule your “date” with your Animal Love.
Additional animals are $20 per animal. 

One of the sweetest things that I have been experiencing is that after completing a session, your animals have been sending me messages in the “after hours”.

I feel honored that they know that they can use me as a conduit to give you messages that they think of outside of our session time.
I think that it is amazing that they can reach out and initiate contact with someone unseen yet felt as a friend.
Some of the things they have been sharing are:

  • Requests for more pain medicine
  • Letting me know that their pain has increased or changed to a different location
  • Letting me know that their time of transition is approaching and whether they need assistance or not.
  • Requests for their favorite treats that they forgot to mention during our session
  • Requests for walks in particular locations

These messages have a way of floating through the ethers randomly to me-usually in the shower or in the twilight of sleep.
I usually have to stop myself and tune into the animal’s “signature frequency”. When I do, I receive images of their sweet faces..
Then I open my heart to them, welcome their messages and offer gratitude that I can be of service to them.
This is usually met with a feeling of a whole body wag or a  sense of joy. At this point, I usually “smell” them too.
As I open myself to receive them, I receive sensations from them in my physical body,as images or sense words and thoughts.
At this point, I usually receive images of their person which indicates to me that they want whatever I am perceiving/feeling/sensing to be sent to their person.

I always give their messages to their person. It’s my way of honoring the connection between all of us that is real yet invisible.
It validates the invisible parts of our relationships with our animals and with one another.
The language of our hearts is felt and can transform our lives because it encourages us to live beyond our blind spots.
The next time you randomly feel hungry, you might be surprised to see Fifi standing next to her dog bowl.

As always, love to all



Stewardship of our Animals and Compassionate Euthanasia

During the last 6 months of my practice, I have been inundated with both animals and people
that have crossed over. In my own life I have lost 2 of my beloved long time animal companions.
As stewards and guardians of our animal family members, one of the most gut wrenching
decisions that we are entrusted to make is whether or not and when to use compassionate euthanasia.

The most universal questions that I am asked are:
Is it time yet?
How will I know?
Shall I let them do it on their own?
When should I assist them?

Animal communication can open a dialogue where you can send and receive answers to those difficult questions.
None of these are easy to answer and from my experience, there is no “standard” answer.
Each Being is unique. Each relationship is unique.

My personal philosophy is to be in touch with your intuition, your gut, your guidance by being in the moment with your animal’s process.
The mind and the heart race. Breathing helps to ground our reactivity and dread while cultivating receptivity.
Having trust and faith in the depth of your connection helps.

Drop into that connection and breath life into it knowing that it will reflect back to you what to do moment to moment and lead the process with clarity.

Read their eyes and their body language. It will tell you all that you need to know.
The hardest thing I have found is to not project our fears and anxieties onto their process.
Most of them don’t fear death the way humans do.
.When we are in the moment, we can engage with and participate in the process of a death transition in a way that is conscious-despite the complexity and turbulence of emotions.

If we are less conscious and more at the mercy of our intense emotions, that too, is perfection.
The perfection comes from the willingness to accept our and our animals process-even if the process is turbulent, raw and emotional.
Acceptance opens us to what is and when that happens, solutions and ways of being become possible for us.
I had so many regrets and misgivings over how and when my dog passed.
With hindsight, I can see that the circumstances that we dealt with, even though I would not have wanted them to play out the way they did, were perfect -because she went out in her more excitable Sophie way and that was congruent with her personality.
She died the way she lived-which was perfect for who she was and it honored her choices.
When I could accept what I felt was a chaotic euthanasia, I could smile at the perfection of it all.
It is never easy saying good bye to our animal family members.
What I found can support the process is to:

  1. Open yourself to what is in your animal’s best and highest good by quieting the mind and through intention.
  2. Give them permission to “leave their body”.
  3. Take time to listen to your vet’s wisdom and knowledge.
  4. Get clear about your feelings about what is humane and ethical.
  5. Get clear about how far you are willing to let your animal go into their process with and without assistance.
  6. Listen to your heart.
  7. Listen to your heart.
  8. Listen to your heart.
  9. And for the times you need some extra support, call a trusted animal communicator.

Now that the weather is feeling more spring like, one of the things that I get asked to do
the most is space clearings of homes or businesses.

What is a space clearing?
Basically it is the use of the elements:air, earth, fire and water used in conjunction with each
other, prayer and intention to clear a space of stagnant or negative energy that accumulates
over time in our living or work space.
It is the cleaning up and lightening of emotional and psychic debris that builds up over time.
I like to do clearings of my home 2-3 times a year but also after emotionally intense episodes.

On the physical level, this may look like cleaning up clutter and closet spaces as well as clearing
out the cob webs, rearranging furniture or putting a new coat of paint on the walls.

On the etheric level, working with the elements to clear out stagnant energy through
burning sage or incense can help. Placing sea salts in the corners of rooms can also help
and then sweep up the salts within 48 hours. Also the use of space clearing sprays can help
lighten things up if used regularly.
I have made my Heaven and Earth sprays to support both clearing negative energies as well as
to invoke the lighter energies in. Here is the link to the web page if you want to read about it:
I use the sprays before and after session work.

On the spirit level- many of us have spirits or entities that live amongst us. I don’t always
think that they need to be “cleared” per se but that we can learn how to co-habitate
peacefully. Some Spirits are lost and appreciate the help of being assisted with moving
into a higher dimension. This may require the support of a communicator or medium that
can relate to the entity. Others energies are dark and would prefer to feed off of fear and
negativity. These energies are best dealt with by having strong boundaries with them as well
as letting them know that you don’t give them your permission to be in your physical or emotional

Lately it seems that I am being asked to clear spaces after murders. This type of clearing is
usually about assisting a Being that might not know that it has physically died onward and
helping them to make peace with the loved ones that they weren’t able to say good bye to.
After the communication and energetic facilitation , a traditional clearing with salts, sprays or
sage is helpful followed by a house blessing.

Space clearing is just a regular part of our energetic hygiene. It leaves us feeling more able to
focus and concentrate in our day to day life as well as feel more at peace and a bit lighter.


Intuitive Communication: The Secret Language of Animals

I was busily preparing our evening meal and had no intention of walking my beloved golden
retriever Sophie in the middle of my dinner prep.

I was chopping shallots, asparagus and leeks anticipating their wonderful alchemy
in my risotto.

I was completely immersed in the cooking process when I felt a nagging feeling that I
should walk Sophie. I then pondered,” I wonder if I have time to just take her up the
street for a quick little walk.” This was followed by an image in my mind of the tree lined
Ragle Park, which was immediately followed by the scent of ripe blackberries and then
the emotion of exhilaration.

I looked up from my risotto to find Sophie waiting at the front door. For a minute, I
thought that she had to go to the bathroom so I opened the door for her. She immediately
ran to my car and sat down next to “her” door. It was then that I realized that she had
been communicating with me telepathically/ intuitively requesting me to take her to Ragle
Park,which is where we promptly ended up.

This is how animals communicate with us. We frequently don’t “hear” our animals in terms of
words but rather receive communications in the form of images, emotions or a sense of simply
knowing something to be true for our animal family member. You do this all the time with your

Animal Communication is the fascinating process of sending and receiving energy to and from your animal. It allows you to understand more deeply how,why and what they are feeling and gives you the opportunity to more clearly convey what you need,want and feel.  This process opens us up to long forgotten parts of ourselves and brings us a magical, heartfelt connection with our animals and really, all of life.

Intuitive communication is about learning how to perceive energy with our heart and translate it with our logical mind later.

I will be offering a Beginning Level Animal Communication class on August 28th, 2011 from
10:00-4:00. The cost is $125. Please contact me for location details or any questions.

By the way, the risotto was delicious and Sophie was deeply content!