My name is Nikki Cuthbertson, creator of Tantrika Face Serum.
My business, One with Nature, offers yoga instruction, reiki healing, intuitive counseling, spirit and animal communication, custom made flower essences, house blessings, wedding ceremonies, and memorial services.

These services support alignment with each individual’s growth and deepen interconnection with animals and nature.

After 20 years as a critical care nurse, I founded One with Nature to help people with understanding the source of their disease and healing process and to help with creating a path to wholeness.

Through yoga, we understand our physical body’s messages through the body/mind connection.

Through Reiki, we understand the communication of our subtle body and thought forms.

Through our beloved animals, we are able to hear what we often won’t from anybody else. Each of their messages is one of love. They teach us to have courage, a sense of humor, and to stay open on the path they share with us.

All three paths encourage our sense of unity, interconnection and heart-centeredness as a path to healing.

Please contact me if you would like information or to schedule an appointment.

Nikki Cuthbertson is a Registered Nurse, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Professional Animal Communicator and Universal Life Minister.