Spirit Communication

Compassionate Connection To Those Who Have Crossed Over

As Spiritual and Energy Beings, our consciousness is eternal. This means that the connection that we share with our Loved Ones is also eternal. We can choose to have our relationships continue to grow and evolve if we keep ourselves open to their presence.

We may have to change the way that we perceive them, but the relationship doesn’t stop unless we stop relating. We all have the natural ability to communicate with our Loved Ones that have crossed over into another dimension. For those times in which we struggle to communicate with our Loved Ones, Nikki can compassionately assist you in connecting with their Spirit.

Nikki’s intention is to bring peace, love and healing to those who are grieving their Loved Ones.

Sessions are done in person, by phone or by Skype.

Cost is $300 (travel fee an additional charge)

Please send a photo of your Loved One prior to the session.